A downloadable game for Windows and Android

River Run is a River Raid like game which is made in tribute of Carol Shaw's efforts in creating the original River Raid, don't expect much of this version since it is still under development

River Raid was pretty famous in the 80s and its creator 'Carol Shaw' has retired shortly after the game was a success of a million game

For more details about the original River Raid please check the wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Raid

Install instructions

The provided APK file is an unsigned version of the game so on some Android devices it might warn the user of the APK file which is pretty normal since the file is still not yet signed

For Windows the zip file needs to be uncompressed then double click on the EXE file


app-release.apk 27 MB
win32exe.zip 20 MB


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The plane's hitbox had me a little confused, but the fact that I found myself compelled to keep playing until I reached the end means you must be doing something right :)

Great job!


Thanks for your comment, I do appreciate it, this is my first ever game and I do agree that I still have a lot to learn plus a lot to add to the game to consider a real one